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Since 2000, The CBB Group, Inc. has been serving owners of privately held companies in the Pacific Northwest as trusted advisors. As a leading provider of business brokerage/merger and acquisition services, The CBB Group’s mission is to ensure our clients success. Our team of trusted advisors, work with our clients through each step of the transaction process, from creating a market for their business to working with other advisor’s, the buyer, legal counsel and through closing.

Our mission is to ensure your success. We know that it has taken, in some cases the work of a life time to build a company. The CBB Group believes that our clients deserve a team of seasoned professionals that will not only find the best financial offer, but a buyer that will take the company to the next level and treat the employees and customers with the same standards that the company was built upon.

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Sell Your Business for What It’s Worth

Looking to sell your business? There are plenty of snags and hiccups you might encounter during the selling process that will affect your chances of a successful sale and the price of your business. To get the most from your business, there are a few things you will want to think about before listing your business for sale. In this article, we will discuss strategies and tips for selling your business at its true value.

Selling Your Business: Creating a Smooth Transition for Your Employees

Are you ready to retire or move on to a new business venture? Maybe you already have your exit strategy in place or have listed your business for sale? You might be prepared for the next phase of your life but how do you break the news to your employees?  In this article we discuss techniques for telling your employees and customer-base of the upcoming sale in order to create a smoother transition.

A Smooth Due Diligence Takes Preparation

Are you considering selling or buying a business? Maybe you already have a letter of intent from a quality buyer for your company or you are in talks with potential investors. No matter how smooth the deal goes in the initial stages, though, a considerable amount of transactions fall apart during the due diligence phase. In this article we will discuss everything you need to know about the due diligence process before selling your business.