Once the decision to sell has been made, it is essential to prepare, and to prepare well, so that you get the best possible price.

What should you expect?
The first step is to learn what your business is really worth. It is our policy that our listing clients undergo a confidential Business Valuation and Review. The purpose of this is to fully inform prospective buyers and their advisors about your business including its history, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and most importantly, its intangible values.

We believe very strongly that it is essential for these facts to be presented professionally, accurately, and in the best possible context in order to obtain the best possible price for your business. As a qualified buyer, you want and deserve nothing less. The cost of this essential service is refunded to the seller at closing.

Once you understand that value, the next step is to build upon or even multiply that value.

Business Valuation
This process provides an objective market value and will demonstrate the true economic performance of your business, by highlighting the tangible and non-tangible values. This allows you to present detailed, defensible information about your company, addressing the specific interests and concerns of experienced, sophisticated buyers. The CBB Group is very thorough in collecting information necessary to provide accurate documentation of the business, thereby saving time during a buyer’s due diligence.

A Confidential Memorandum is prepared to enhance the presentation of vital business information for presentation to buyers. The marketing of each business will depend upon the size and type of business and the number of potential buyers in our database. The CBB Group uses the local paper in major cities, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and buyers from other affiliate offices, plus our database of over 1,000 investment groups. We publicize engagements on various internet sites and direct mail to prospective buyers to generate as much activity as we possibly can. Discretion and confidentiality are greatly considered when we advertise. We do not list the business name, location or any other information specific to the actual business.

We handle negotiations in an ethical, patient, professional manner that keeps the business issues clearly in focus, rather than clouded by emotions or personalities. The CBB Group provides skilled, exclusive, personal representation at all negotiations. We understand the sensitive issues of both buyer and seller and offer guidance in structuring a transaction to effectively address these issues.

Due Diligence
A considerable percentage of transactions die during the due diligence phase. The CBB Group process minimizes this risk. The extensive time and effort to collect accurate data on the business pays dividends when good documentation has been presented, saving time and resources with due diligence. We bring all our resources together to ensure that the deal remains intact and that momentum is maintained. We coordinate all the principals and professionals involved and remain at your side throughout this crucial period until the transaction is successfully concluded.

We examine the entire organization to identify strengths and weaknesses so that we can recommend the best methods to correct internal problems ultimately increasing your companies cash flows and increasing the value of your asset.

Buyers Representative
Most business opportunities have professional representation where as the buyer is on their own in evaluating a business opportunity. The CBB Group will assist a buyer in completing a business valuation, presenting a Letter of Intent, managing due diligence, aid in obtaining financing, and working with legal representation to complete the transaction. Without professional representation many transactions only have a 20% chance to close.

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